The Organization

Polo for Philanthropy is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for other charities. The Polo Classic has been in existence for 26 years as the preeminent polo event in the Twin Cities. With a rich history of exciting competition and unique events, The Polo Classic continues to grow every year. In 2016 Polo en Blanc and The Derby Day Affair – Unbridled Fun for Philanthropy, have been added. Over $2 million has been raised in the past for beneficiaries.

We are unique in our approach to raising money for philanthropy in that we do not seek or accept charitable donations. We sell sponsorships, marketing, advertising, promotional and lifestyle “properties” aimed at delivering a strong and measurable “return on investment” for our sponsors. We also sell event tickets, auction items, food, beverages, apparel, artwork and other products.

All of the profits from these activities are then donated to the organizations we select to be beneficiaries. Our two primary funding areas are: a) medical, health, wellness, fitness and nutrition and b) children and youth <21. Funding can be extended to organizations that serve, in part or all, one of these funding areas through social services, arts or athletics.


Our objective is to increase the amount of funding made to our beneficiaries from sources outside of charitable giving, the intended result of which is more funding for philanthropy.