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Sunday August 6th, 2023


6755 Turner Road

Maple Plain, MN 55359

Schedule of Events:


Gates Open

Grab your programs at the gate and begin enjoying this wonderful day to benefit equine welfare!

Polo Promenade


Don’t forget your program for the day is full of useful information.
Including the Promenade Passport!
Make sure to visit as many stops and participate in as many activities as possible to fill in your Promenade Passport!


Jump Off Competition


Jump Off Competition (also considered 3-bar) sponsored by West Lake Training is sure to bring the heat again this year.
There will be a TWO places to put your slip in for your bet on the winning horse and rider.
➡️$5 per vote! 🗳 
➡️Drawing from the box of the winning horse and rider during halftime.
➡️Winner gets HALF the pot of money, the other half goes to This Old Horse!
➡️Everyone else from the winning box receives a little something as well!


Click here to learn more about WLT training lessons and showing at any level 

Polo Championship Match


Start of Match!

We're not biased, but with so much action at such a high speed, probably the most impressive and our favorite sport out there

Halftime Entertainment


Divot Stomp

Jump Off Winner Drawing

Hat Parade

Second Half of Polo Match


Finish watching this high speed game!

Crown winning team at the end of the match

See you next year!



Award Ceremony - Team awards, MVP, Best Playing Pony, "See what this Old Horse can do"

We are so glad you joined us for a day of fun raising money for equine welfare!

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